Iran Faces its Third Deadly Wave

The Covid-19 pandemic is taking a dangerous turn in Iran amid a total denial from the Authorities. Dr. A who lives in Teheran has worked for 30 years in the emergency department of public and private hospitals told Majalla that Iran is witnessing a third deadly wave.
The first wave of Covid-19 to hit Iran started in the religious city of Qom brought by some Chinese clerics, recruited by the Iranian regime. By then the regime needed to keep the spread of the coronavirus undisclosed for many reasons, the first was to parade the security forces on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution as a show of force against the protesters that were uprising in the major cities of the country, the second was to have the people vote in numbers in the upcoming parliamentary election.
When the virus spread all over Iran rapidly due to the government’s mismanagement of the crisis and its disregard for Iranian lives, the regime needed to hide the real figure of dead and thus lie more. It went on arresting and imprisoning people that published the true figure of death including from the medical stuff for fear of yet another uprising and public protests.
The administration of President Hassan Rouhani set up a “national headquarters for fighting the coronavirus” in February but failed to impose organized quarantine measures, for fear of economic fallouts. Religious figures and some government officials as well rejected the idea of closing religious sites that attract sizable crowds of people.
This led to what Dr. A call the third wave, that he describes as extremely virulent. The death toll in the third wave has surpassed 10 percent among those hospitalized Dr. A confirms. “The lack of basic health facilities and medicines due to the incompetence of those in power is the main reason for this mass killing of Iranian people”.
The supreme leader has allocated 1 billion dollars to the Ministry of Health but less than $ 400 million were presumably spent in order to assist the health sector serve the people affected by the virus due to systematic theft, embezzlement and corruption. A statement issued by the Iranian Nursing Organization requested the payment of arrears, especially to the nursing staff.  20,000 nurses out of 110,000 have been infected with coronavirus the statement indicated.
The regime does have money to face the crisis with Khamenei and IRGC controlling multi-billion-dollar cartels says Dr. A, but the clerical regime doesn’t want to spend it on saving people’s lives and welfare rather it seeks to fund its suppressive forces inside Iran and its terrorist proxy forces in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq. 
Therefore, the people are paying the price by their lives.
The political leadership and the media tend to accuse the US administration and the enemies of Islamic republic for the suffering of the Iranian people in order to cover their incompetence and theft and avoid another uprising and protest movement.
It will get worse than anywhere else in the next few months. Worse than what the world witnessed in Italy, Spain and England, Dr. A says. According to some reliable studies, more than 50% of the population of Iran will get infected by the virus and more than 400,000 people will need to be hospitalized in the coming months.
No new hospitals have been installed says Dr. A. and we might reach 980 deaths daily soon. “ICU or CCU units have increased to ten thousand in Iran, but we need at least 100,000 units”.
The new coronavirus is seen by this regime as a blessing and an opportunity that will keep people from demonstration in the streets since analyst and economists believe that if the value of dollar exceeds thirty thousand tomans (it is currently 28000) urban riots of working and middle class will begin. Today the Islamic republic knows its  going through worst financial, economic and social conditions since the revolution.
But this regime is ready to sacrifice Iranian lives and make use of the pandemic to stay in power. And this should come as no surprise.